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You are in control of your own profile and data, supporting your work with insurers and hospitals, creating a central repository of information; securely store your supporting documents. Gain from recognition with multiple insurers plus practising privileges in one go, increase your reach and receive more referrals. With hospitals and insurers on the same platform, benefit from increased accuracy and transparency of your data.


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The Private Practice Register (The PPR), provides a ‘one-stop shop’ solution that enables you to:

  • centrally submit information required for insurer recognition
  • maintain hospital practising privileges
  • securely store and manage essential private practice data
  • easily keep up-to-date information in one central location and provide visibility to organisations you have a relationship with

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Your Benefits 

Fast-track application for PMI recognition

One form to be completed to apply for recognition for multiple insurers.  Once you have verified your details, private medical insurers you are applying for recognition with will be notified.

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Minimise duplication of work

Minimises duplication of effort

This reduces duplication of effort in providing the same information to multiple insurers and hospitals.  Overtime, this duplication should be removed.


Accuracy of data

Keeping your practice capabilities and key information to ensure your practise rights are maintained is easy and only requires you to update one record.  Organisations you have a relationship with (hospitals and insurers) will then be notified of any updates.

Accurate and secure files
Build and maintain your PPR profile

Remain in control, build & maintain your profile 

The PPR provides a central reference point for you to maintain your capabilities and keep your practise rights up to date.  Once you have a PPR profile, you can build your profile as your capabilities and/or qualifications expand.


Store your documents securely online

All data on Healthcode is securely stored in a UK location.  Complimentary access to Healthcode's Secure Messaging Service is also provided with your PPR - see below for more details.

 Secure Cloud Storage


Secure Messaging  - secure communication to key contacts in the sector

secure messaging
Receive complimentary access to Secure Messaging to help you securely communicate to key contacts in the sector.  Healthcode's Secure Messaging Solution is an electronic email service which facilitates secure and confidential transfer of sensitive information in the healthcare sector.  It is the trusted solution by existing customers as standard email is unencrypted and not secure.


I'm already recognised but I don't have a PPR profile.

If you are currently in private practice and are recognised by the private medical insurers that you would like to work for, you can still register on The PPR. You will be able to store your capabilities and practise rights securely online and update them at any time. These updates will be sent to the insurer so that you only update details in one central location (The PPR).  Please ensure you have the following information ready:

  • Where applicable details about your current NHS post
  • Where applicable confirmation of your NHS Post, a named referee and an NHS reference.  If you do not have a suitable reference you may click here to download a template reference.  Please note: NHS references and evidence of practise is required for some specialities*.  Other professions may omit this section.  Practitioners who gained experience within the military may submit their ASV/AB certification.
  • Details of your private practice including the name and address of the facilities you use
  • Your specialty and the procedures/treatments you carry out
  • Details of any qualifications you have obtained
  • Details of any certificates you have achieved including a scanned copy of the certificate
  • Bank details for receiving insurer payments
  • Details of your medical indemnity including a scanned copy of the certificate

As part your application or registration to The PPR, you are required to upload a scanned copy of the following documents:

  • NHS reference required for certain specialities*
  • Any professional certificates you have obtained
  • Medical Indemnity

*NHS references required for: Anaesthetist, Audiologists, Healthcare Scientist Practitioner, Neuropsychologist, Ophthalmic Science Practitioner, Orthoptist, Pathologist, Physician, Practitioner Podiatric Surgeon, Psychiatrist, Radiologist, Surgeon.

The PPR is available for GMC registered independent practitioners and other healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, Psychotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.


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