The Industry's Guide to Billing

Industry Guide to Medical Billing There’s a lot to learn when entering private practice, one important factor is billing, you need to get it right to ensure you receive payment for your work. Healthcode has complied The Industry’s Guide to Billing; it’s a set of medical billing and best practice guidelines to help medical and health professionals, especially those new to private practice.

When billing you need to ensure the payor has sufficient information to settle the invoice on receipt; the guide encourages medical professionals to bill using a common set of standards.

Download The Industry’s Guide to Billing here.

Introduction to Medical Billing

Understanding Medical Billing Medical billing can be daunting when setting up in private practice, especially getting the correct details and codes on the invoices, this is why more independent practitioners are using electronic billing to get their bills correct first time.

Electronic billing is the fastest, easiest and most cost-effective way to raise medical invoices. Healthcode have written a few short blogs called Introduction to Electronic Billing and Electronic Billing – Getting Started to give you a useful guide to getting started.