The PPR for Hospitals

PPR Private Hospitals

The PPR provides a central reference point and information source that streamlines the due diligence process and enables hospitals to demonstrate how seriously the sector takes patient safety. The solution facilitates data accuracy and transparency.


Consultant & Practitioner Profile

The definitive primary source for consultant and practitioner information covers:

  • Personal and key contact information
  • Specialties and qualifications including procedures and treatments
  • Areas of special interest
  • Confirmation of membership with regulatory bodies
  • Practising privilege history
  • Due diligence registration information such as confirmation of license to practise and Disclosure Barring Service (DBS)
PPR Profile Example
Note: Please click on the image to enlarge the consultant & practitioner profile example (factitious information used)


Healthcode holds a Republication License with the General Medical Council (GMC) for The PPR. This enables hospitals to receive real-time alerts for any changes the GMC hold against the specialist and immediate visibility of what those updates are via The PPR. 

Benefits The PPR delivers to Hospitals

Facilitates and supports hospitals in their data Governance by fulfilling their due diligence obligations and duties, along with operational efficiencies by removing some of the manual processes involved.


Transparency of data 

Complete oversight of your consultant population and whole practice at individual and/or group level, increasing transparency across the hospital and/ or group.


Specialist Hospital List View
CQC Well Led

Supports the CQC's Well-led Key Line of Enquiry

The PPR is a tool supporting a culture that is safe, transparent and informed.



Access to a common network

Access to a common network with accurate and up to date information.  Consultants and practitioners have full control of their profile information and it is in their best interest to ensure it is up to date and to maintain their practise rights and capabilities.


 Access a common network
Private Practice profile view

Data accuracy

Ability to validate and monitor your consultant population by reviewing and confirming:

  • practice hours
  • type of patients the consultant treats at the hospital
  • type of care the consultant provides
  • start and end dates of practise at the hospital 

Staying up to date of key information

Automated notifications are part of the Standard Package.  Notifications are sent to hospitals for any GMC or profile updates made by the consultant or practitioner.

The dashboard alerts hospitals of any GMC warnings, overdue Medical Indemnity and Appraisal overdue.

Up to date information
Data compliance on The PPR

Improves Governance, quality assurance and transparency

The PPR is unique in its ability to securely share data across appropriate organisations (e.g. hospitals and insurers where the consultant or practitioner has a relationship with) while allowing consultants and practitioners access and control of key profile information.


Improves operational efficiencies

Increased administration efficiencies by reducing manual processes and eradication of duplication for consultant and practitioners.  Rather than repeating the supply of information to multiple organisations, The PPR streamlines it to one central database of all specialists accessible by those organisations who have a relationship with them.  Hospitals are alerted of any updates made to the consultant or practitioner profile and therefore reduces waiting time and delays of receiving key information from the consultant or practitioner.

 Improve operational efficiencies


Future Development

The PPR for hospitals will evolve over time and potential enhancements are being developed in consultation with the hospital user group including:

  • Procedure credentialing
  • Practising privilege administration and management
  • Appraisal and revalidation
  • Enhanced dashboards for Medical Directors and Responsible Officers
  • Report generation for Governance and Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

Hospital Packages

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Basic Service

  • Search and link consultants and practitioners to your hospital site
  • Consultant and practitioner database - visibility of the hospital's consultant population
  • Profile alerts
    • GMC warning
    • Medical Indemnity overdue
    • Appraisal overdue


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 Standard Service

All functionality within the Basic service of The PPR plus:

  • Full access to consultant or practitioner profile and changes to profiles
  • Full PPR profile download
  • GMC warning notifications
  • Profile update notifications
  • Insurer recognition
  • Notes and notes history on consultant or practitioner 

To discuss The PPR in more detail and prices, please contact your Business Development Manager directly or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  or call 01784 263 150.