Update to Industry Standard Code list for VitalityHealth

From Monday 11th July, VitalityHealth will be reducing the list of Industry Standard Codes they accept from non-GMC practitioners.
This will help make your billing data more accurate and reduce the number of rejected claims.



Scope of Practice

Scope of practice describes the services that a qualified health professional is both deemed competent to perform and permitted to undertake in line with the terms of their professional licence.

Information on a practitioner’s whole scope of practice is a requirement of the GMC for appraisal and revalidation and, also, of hospitals where practitioners wish to apply for and retain practising privileges. A partial scope of practice has been introduced with the visibility of CCSD-coded procedures. All data shown in this tab is taken from electronic bills submitted and validated via Healthcode from qualifying hospitals and clinics where the practitioner is defined as the “controlling specialist”.

This section of The PPR is only visible to GMC-registered practitioners and the hospitals they have a relationship with. The following data elements are presented:






Procedure Group

The overarching name given to a group of CCSD procedures identified as belonging to a surgical subset.


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Individual procedure

The procedure(s) by procedure code undertaken by the practitioner that fall within the named procedure group.


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Last Recorded

An indication of when the specified procedure was last undertaken at a qualifying site within a rolling 12-month period.


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Individual treatment site(s)

The name of the qualifying treatment site(s) where the practitioner has undertaken any specified procedure.


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Procedure activity

An indication of the number of times procedures have been undertaken at a qualifying site on a rolling year basis, as a total of all procedures undertaken within the overarching procedure group and, by using the drop-down, the total number of times an indivudal procedure has been undertaken.

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Age Group


A colour-coded breakdown by age group(s) of the number of procedures undertaken at a qualifying site on a rolling year basis by procedure group or by individual procedure codes.

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Procedure activity for age group 

An indication of the number of procedures undertaken on the specified age group at a qualifying site on a rolling year basis, by procedure group or individual procedure code.

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