Update to Industry Standard Code list for VitalityHealth

From Monday 11th July, VitalityHealth will be reducing the list of Industry Standard Codes they accept from non-GMC practitioners.
This will help make your billing data more accurate and reduce the number of rejected claims.




Many practitioners will undertake research at some point during their career or will focus on a specific area of medicine and may wish to share their views and experiences by informing other medical professionals of their findings. Having peer-reviewed publications can be very important for career progression and it is particularly encouraged for newly qualified doctors.

Scientific literature, in the form of text books, medical manuals, research papers and articles, can either be written by a single author or by a collaborative team, all of whom can be credited as an author.

In The PPR the practitioner can enter details of any publications they have authored or co-authored, demonstrating their expertise in their chosen field(s) of medicine.

Data elements required:and their visibility to insurer and hospital organisations:






Publication Name

The title of the book, book chapter, article, medical paper or other text written by the practitioner and made available for the public to view by any means.

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 Publication Date

The date  the publication was made generally available in print or digital format.

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Publication URL

A link to a website listing or holding the publication.

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Publication Abstract

A brief summary of the full publication, giving details of the purpose, methods, findings, conclusions and recommendations if relevant.

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Publication File

Upload of the publication.

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Red = Mandatory  Blue = Conditional  Green = Automatically populated