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Name, Addresses, Telecoms


A name is the combination of words by which a person is called or known. This value is attached to each person mentioned in a profile and identifies them as an individual.

All doctors and psychiatrists must be regulated by the General Medical Council (GMC) and, for those practitioners, their first name, middle name and last name are automatically populated from the GMC's List of Registered Medical Practitioners via the republishing licence held by Healthcode. Further details of the items captured can be viewed on the GMC information page.

Data elements required:




The standard form of address used to proceed the person's name. 

First Name 

The person's legal first/given name (as recognised by a government or other legal entity).

Middle Name 

The person's legal middle name(s) (as recognised by a government or other legal entity).

Last Name 

The person's legal surname/family name (as recognised by a government or other legal entity).

Preferred name 

The person's preferred name commonly used every day (e.g. an anglicised name, a nickname or a shorter version of the given name etc).



An address is the place where a person lives, works or wishes to use for correspondence and/or billing purposes. Address details are attached to the practitioner, NHS and private treatment sites, NHS referee and medical secretary(-ies). 

Data elements required:



Lines 1-4 

Lines of the address including building name, street number, street name, city and county as required. When an address is inputted line 1 is mandatory. 


A group of letters and numbers added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail. When an address is inputted this is mandatory.


The territory where the address is located.

Address Prefix 

Additional information specific to the address e.g. business name, location within the building (floor and/or room number) etc.


The particulars of the communication methods available against the stated address. Depending on the context, parts of this are mandatory.



Telecoms is short for telecommunications, a term which refers to the exchange of information by voice and data services. In the context of The PPR this means a telephone number (usually referred to as a landline), a mobile number, a fax number or email address associated with a specific address. 

Data elements required:



Primary Telecom 

The preferred method of contact from a choice of email, telephone, mobile and fax.


Full details of the telephone number, mobile number, fax number or email address being inputted.