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When patients are seen in the private sector and have private medical insurance cover, practitioners will usually submit their bills directly to the insurers. The preferred method of payment by many insurers is a direct transfer into the practitioner’s nominated bank account. The insurer will issue a remittance to indicate what payments have been made aginst the bills submitted. 

With the practitioner's consent, the insurer can pass the bank details to patients who have part or whole liability of the fees, due to excesses or other reasons, such as co-payment or exhaustion of benefit in order for the patient to pay the practitioner directly by bank transfer or cheque deposit.

Data elements required and their visibility to insurer and hospital organisations:






Bank Name

The name of the UK bank where the practitioner has a bank account linked to their private practice. 

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Account Name

The name of the account linked to the practitioner's private practice.

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 Sort Code

The 6-digit bank code identifying the bank and branch.

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Account Number

The 8-digit unique number associated with the account.

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Bank Details Display Consent

Permission from the practitioner to allow their bank details to appear on insurer communications to patients regarding fees that are partly or wholly patient liability.

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Red = Mandatory  Blue = Conditional  Green = Automatically populated