About The PPR

Register NowThe Private Practice Register is an industry solution that offers specialists, consultants and health professionals the ability to build and maintain their private practice profile. It is a central reference point and enables you to securely maintain and keep up to date practice rights and capability information with insurers and hospitals.  The PPR is the official path for new specialists entering into the independent sector.

If you are currently in private practice and are recognised by the private medical insurers that you would like to work for you can still register on The PPR. You will be able to store your capabilities and practice rights securely online and update them at any time.

The PPR is available for GMC registered independent practitioners and other healthcare professionals such as Physiotherapists, Osteopaths and Chiropractors.

What extras does the Private Practice Register Offer Specialists?

Use Healthcode's ePractice solution for your medical billing

Healthcode's ePractice

To help with all your medical billing needs. ePractice incorporates electronic billing to all major insurers and allows you to raise paper bills for any self payors, enabling you to have both paper and electronic bills under one roof.

Securely transfer messages to in the healthcare industry

Secure Messaging and file transfer

This service allows you to securely transfer messages and documents to other healthcare professionals. The channel of communication is encrypted to internet banking standards and is therefore more secure than regular unencrypted email which allows you to meet your data protection obligations.

Understanding clinical codes

Clinical Coding Tools

Using the correct clinical codes is vital for billing and outcome purposes. Healthcode's built in diagnosis and procedure code look-up tools provide a secure online facility to look-up and translate between different sets of clinical codes utilised in the healthcare market.

The PPR is a central reference point

Central Reference Point

The Private Practice Register will provide independent practitioners with a central reference point to securely store their private practice profile. Specialists will be able to store and update the following:

  • Biography
  • Practicing privileges
  • References
  • Qualifications

Data security Security

Data security is at the forefront of The Private Practice Register; our systems are secured in accordance with internet banking conventions, using 256 bit certificates and are housed in a secure location in the UK only accessible via encrypted connections. Healthcode operates an Information Security Management System that relates to the provision of online solutions and services to the healthcare market. The systems are compliant with the requirements of ISO/IEC 27001:2013.

All the solutions are offered complimentary on registration to The Private Practice Register.