Invoice Clearing Service Charges

The third national lockdown is causing a lot of uncertainty and challenges for the industry, but we are now in a position whereby postponing the implementation of the invoice Clearing Service charges for healthcare practitioners and clinics is not feasible in the longer term.

We are planning to introduce the charges on the 1st April 2021 but may need to change the date due to the current situation.

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The Private Practice Register is a solution that unites the sector. Developed by Healthcode, it is a sector-wide directory and register of practitioners offering services in the Private Healthcare Sector.
The Private Practice Register is a central reference point and information source for Private Medical Insurers and Hospital Providers. They are notified when updates have been made to the profiles, leading to increased administrative efficiencies.
The Private Practice Register avoids duplication of effort for practitioners as they only need to update information in one central location, which is also accessed by the Private Medical Insurers and Hospital Providers they work with.
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