The Private Practice Register - A solution that unites the sector

Developed by Healthcode, a sector wide directory and register of consultants and practitioners offering services in the Private Healthcare Sector.

A secure online platform which serves multiple users; Consultants and Practitioners, Hospitals and Private Medical Insurers.  Used by over 16,000 health professionals and growing.

Consultants & Practitioners - Fast track recognition to multiple insurers, control your profile and maintain practising privileges
The PPR enables hospitals to meet their due diligence and Governance obligations, access to a common network with accurate and up to date information
Increased administration efficiencies; replaces manual processes, improves transparency and accuracy of data


  Health Professionals

  • Fast-track recognition to multiple insurers
  • Increased data accuracy, you manage your own PPR profile
  • Update one record to notify multiple insurers and hospitals
  • Over 16,000 registered consultant and practitioner profiles


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Private Hospitals

  • Complete oversight of your consultant population and whole practice at individual and group level
  • Access to a common network with accurate, up to date information
  • Enables hospitals to meet their due diligence
  • Automated notifications of GMC warnings and alerts for Medical Indemnity and Appraisal dates



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Private Medical Insurers

  • Reduced waiting time for key verification checks
  • Increased administration efficiencies; replaces manual processes
  • Improves transparency and accuracy of data
  • Meets due diligence requirements


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The PPR, powered by Healthcode

Healthcode is a leading provider of IT services and solutions for the private healthcare sector focusing on industry solutions such as The PPR.

 Healthcode PPR Security Healthcode Electronic Invoice PPR Profiles Private Hospitals using Healthcode  Major Private Medical Insurers using Healthcode

Over 17 years of IT expertise in the Private Healthcare Sector

Circa. 25,000 bills cleared and processed daily (circa £3bn worth annually)

 Over 11,000 registered health professionals (consultants & practitioners)

Used by over 300 private hospitals in the UK

All major private medical insurers across Healthcode